You know that Black Mirror episode where the guy’s computer was hacked and someone blackmailed him, threatening to upload a video of him jerking off? The truth is, that plot isn’t too far from reality.

We’ve heard cases of people’s sex tapes being leaked online by hackers or estranged ex-lovers, and the latest one to fall victim to such a case are two Korean actors.

“Mom-cam” – literally translated into “nude camera” – or nude videos of celebrities have recently been making their round on online communities. According to news reports, the source of the video is a person who has been secretly trading these videos until they inadvertently got leaked.

Some of the rumoured celebrities embroiled in the saga include three actors, an idol, a trainer and a comedian.

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One of the actors who was speculated to be the person in the leaked video has since set his social media account to private.

Actor Kim Minsuk, who was speculated to be another victim, denied the allegations. He posted on Instagram, “People keep contacting me. What nude x? They asked if I filmed something weird like that. Do I have to sue?”

He ended the post with a hashtag that said he didn’t do it.

Skeptical netizens alleged the video was leaked by an unhappy sponsor, while others claim it was an attempt by the government to divert attention away from Park Geunhye’s impeachment.

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