Korean actress Ham So Won, best known for her role in Sex Is Zero, recently tied a knot with a Chinese businessman.

The man, Jin Hua (based on Korean name), is 18 years her junior. So Won will be turning 42 in May, while Jin Hua is 24 years old.

The two reportedly met through a mutual acquaintance and Jin Hua fell in love at first sight. He told a Korean news outlet that he initially thought she was in her 20s, but even after finding out her real age, he wanted to marry her.


The businessman told a Korean news outlet that his parents were initially against the marriage because of the big age gap, but eventually relented.

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Jin Hua’s family reportedly owns a large farming business in Harbin, China, but the 24-year-old who used to be an idol trainee in South Korea, runs a website that sells clothes. He has thousands of followers on Chinese social media platform Weibo.


The pair have registered their marriage in both South Korea and China. In their wedding photos that were released yesterday, they were spotted wearing hanboks, as well as Western-style dresses and suits.

Images: Weibo