You might remember Choi Ji Woo as the actress from wildly popular Korean drama Winter Sonata. While her love interest in the drama, Bae Yong Jun, has tied the knot a few years ago, the actress sprung a surprise announcement that she was getting married today!

In a handwritten note posted on her fan club website, the 42-year-old revealed that she was marrying later today and that her husband-to-be, whom she has been seeing for a year, was a non-celebrity.

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She admitted that she had to keep the wedding plans a secret as she did not want to burden her parents-in-law.

choi-ji-woo married

According to a statement from her agency, YG Entertainment, her husband-to-be is “an ordinary office worker” and that the ceremony will be kept small and attended by only close family members.

Ji Woo is not the first celebrity to keep her wedding a hush-hush affair. Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s marriage was only revealed after a photo of them at their wedding was leaked online. The couple continued to keep their private lives – and their baby – away from public eye, and we reckon Ji Woo might do the same.

We wish the couple everlasting bliss!

Images: TPG/Click Photos