Korean actress Han Yeseul became a victim of medical error when her surgeon made a mistake during a recent surgery to remove lipoma from her body.

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Lipoma is a non-cancerous tumour made of fat tissue. Although it doesn’t pose any serious issues, some people opt to have it removed if it causes discomfort.

Yeseul recently underwent surgery to remove lipoma from the torso under her left armpit, but the electric knife had cut through her skin during surgery, resulting in an oval-shaped scar.

The surgeon had suggested doing the procedure from underneath her skin to minimise scarring since she was an actress, but the mishap had resulted in a prominent scar.

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Yeseul took it to Instagram to air her grievances, stating that the hospital had remained silent about compensation even two weeks after the incident. She wrote, “My heart collapses as I go for treatment every day. Honestly, I don’t think compensation would be a consolation.”


Following outrage on social media, the surgeon from CHA Gangnam Medical Center apologised to Yeseul and admitted his mistake.

The hospital said in a statement that they stitched the area immediately after it happened, but some parts of the skin wouldn’t adhere, so they called in a burn specialist, who said it’s best to let the area heal before starting treatment.

The hospital also revealed that it will compensate the actress and will provide support to ensure her recovery through plastic surgery.

Images: TPG/Click Photos, Han Yeseul’s Instagram