Korean actress Kim Minhee, who recently starred in the Cannes-nominated movie The Handmaiden, is reportedly having an affair with a film director who is 22 years her senior.

She met the director, Hong Sang Soo, in January 2015 on the set of Right Now, Wrong Then. Korean news portal Dispatch, who first published the news, reported that the director’s wife and daughter became aware of the affair after he told them.

They also reported that Kim Minhee even went to the mortuary when the director’s mother passed away in July and stayed for some time although his wife was in charge of the funeral service.

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When the director left home last year, his wife reportedly went to the actress’ house to confront her. However, the actress allegedly told her, “You should have managed your husband better,” and told her mother not to listen to the director’s wife as she was “out of her mind”.

In February this year, Kim Minhee and Hong Sang Soo went on to film the sequel to Right Now, Wrong Then.

When Kim Minhee went to France for The Handmaiden last month, the director who was reportedly filming in the same city attended the press conference of her movie.

Image: TPG/Click Photos