Korean actress Yoo So Young, who was formerly a member of K-pop idol group After School, appeared on a TV programme to talk about her experience being a victim of sexual harassment.

The programme was focused on the recent reports on sexual abuse in South Korea.

According to a Korean news outlet, So Young recalled an incident that happened while she was attending an acting lesson conducted by an actor. During the lesson, the actor told her to pull her top up to expose her bra and stand close to another man.

When asked why she should do it, he allegedly told her, “You shouldn’t be embarrassed to learn. There is no distinction between men and women.”

She told him she couldn’t do it and he said, “Other people are doing it too. Who are you to not do it?”

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In the end she refused to do it and was told to leave the class.

She cried and went to talk to her company, who took her out of the class.

She went on to reveal that the actor is still actively acting.

Last year, the actress revealed that she was sexually harassed by the CEO of an agency with whom she was signing on. She said that after they had dinner together with other executives, he held her hand while they were in a car and after dropping her off, told her he wanted to speak to her. He went on to tell her about how he views her as a woman and refused to let her go until she agreed to be with him.

She apologised and told him she didn’t see him in the same way and told him to cancel her contract. It was cancelled four days later.

So Young’s incidents are not an isolated case.

High-profile personalities in South Korea have recently been accused of sexual abuse, following the rise of #MeToo campaign there. After former governor Ahn Hee Jung’s secretary went on TV to accuse him of rape, another woman spoke up to make similar allegations. He is now under investigations and has been banned from leaving the country.

Famous poets have also been accused of sexual harassment and abuse. After prolific poet Ko Un was accused of sexual misconduct, the government decided to remove his poems from textbooks.

Image: TPG/Click Photos