Korean fans who watched the latest Marvel flick Avengers: Infinity War were not happy with the mistranslations in the subtitles during the movie.

Many took it to social media and online to air their grouches, calling for the translator, Park Ji Hoon, to withdraw from translating movies.

Ji Hoon is known to have translated blockbusters, including previous Marvel movies.

According to social media posts, when one of the characters said “seed” in English, he translated it as “f***” (ssi-bal). We’re guessing the translator heard “seed” as “ssi” because in Korea, people would sometimes say the word “ssi-bal” halfway, as if self-censoring themselves. Though we don’t know how it actually fits the context.

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In another scene, when Nick Fury said “motherf***er”, the translator had simply translated it as “mother”.

And when Doctor Strange said “We’re in the end game now,” the translation read, “There is no hope now.”



Many were displeased, saying that the mistranslation altered the meanings of the scenes.


We’re not sure if the Mandarin translations for the movie in Singapore is accurate because this writer doesn’t speak Mandarin, but according to one person who relied on the Chinese subtitles to make up for the dialogue she couldn’t hear while watching the movie, “They weren’t good. The translations didn’t reflect the full meaning [of the dialogue].”

But we did find a Malay translation that was, well, funny.


In other news, the movie broke the record for the highest global opening, raking in US$630 million (S$834 million) in the first weekend.

Images: TPG/Click Photos