If you’re an ardent fan of Oh! My Baby, you’d probably have seen the episode where EXO’s Kai visited Taeoh and Taerin.

Even before his appearance on the show, the boybander has been said to look like two-year-old Taeoh. In fact, the resemblance is striking when they’re hanging out on the show.

Ricky Kim, the siblings’ father, also noticed the similarities. He said during an interview at South Beach Hotel, “I think Kai looks like Taeoh, not the other way (laughs). There is a resemblance, yeah. Their nose, their eyes. If you put their hair down or up, they look very similar. They both have very straight hair, kind of dark skin. They’re slender and long.”

The model-actor, who is in town with the kids to promote the show, added, “…when [Kai is] around kids, he turns into a kid. Asher is attracted to fun people and Kai is a very fun person. There was so much that didn’t show up on the TV show. My daughter and my son had so much fun that day. They keep asking me, when is Uncle Kai – well, they don’t call him uncle, they call him brother – so, when is Brother Kai coming over? We miss him, it was so much fun. My daughter fell in love with him. You could see the hearts coming out from her eyes!”

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The 23-year-old idol promised to have a meal with Taeoh through a video message that was shown during a press conference for Oh! My Baby. He made good on his word when he visited their home late last year and got along with the kids like a house on fire.

The EXO member told Ricky that the toddler reminded him of what he was like when he was younger – energetic and very curious.

When asked what he thought of Kai being a role model for Taeoh, Ricky started gushing about the singer’s good qualities. He said, “I think I’m a really good judge of character… But Kai, wow! After being with him for about 10 minutes, he’s going to be a very good father one day; he’ll be a good husband.”

Ricky added, “You know, in the entertainment industry, some people get jaded. It’s all about the limelight and the fame and everything. When I met Kai, I didn’t see a glimpse of that. For him, it’s about the art. It’s about being an entertainer, being a singer, being a dancer and loving what he does. And when he was with the children, there was no entertainer. It was, ‘I am here to play with the kids and love the children.’ And that’s when you see the quality of a really good person. … I’ve seen entertainers that are… when you see them, they are entertainers. They’re almost not real. It’s sometimes uncomfortable because I’m from the opposite side – because I try to be as real as I can be. And Kai? Wow. I was very impressed. I speak highly of his character. I definitely do.”

Images: ONE, TPG/Click Photos, Hidayah Idris