Famous Korean movie director Kim Ki-duk is reportedly being investigated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor for an alleged assault case that involves an actress he worked with.

In August this year, the actress sued him for assault, claiming that he had hit her on the set of 2013 film Moebius. She also alleged that he had insulted her and forced her to film an unscripted sex scene.

kim ki duk assault case

The identity of the actress has been withheld due to ongoing investigations.

Prosecutors revealed yesterday that the director was questioned on Monday about the complaint.

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According to reports, he admitted to slapping her but claimed he did it to get her into character. He also claimed to not remember anything about the sex scene she mentioned.

Kim Ki-duk is an award-winning director who is known for his hard-hitting and controversial movies. His accolades include awards at various film festival.

kim ki duk assault case

Moebius is an incest-themed movie starring Cho Jae-hyun, Seo Young-joo and Lee Eun-woo. The controversial film was initially banned in South Korea, but was later allowed to be screened after a few scenes were cut.

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