A writer of a movie scenario has sued Legend of the Blue Sea’s writer for alleged plagiarism. In January, writer Park Ki Hyun, claimed that Legend’s Park Ji Eun had infringed on the copyright for his unmade movie, The Legend of Hae Wol Sea: Pearly Shells.

However, Ji Eun asserted that her work was derived from a mermaid story from Eou yadam, a collection of stories written in the Joseon dynasty.

Last week, the court ruled in Ji Eun’s favour and said that there was no similarity between the movie scenario and the drama. They added that there was no way Ji Eun or the production company would have seen the scenario or even know that it existed.

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The production company said it was considering counter-suing Ki Hyun for defamation.

This is not the first time the drama was hit with plagiarism allegations. Last year, they were accused of copying a trait that BBC’s Sherlock’s Sherlock Holmes was known for, which is to read small details about people and, in turn, infer things about them. The drama was also said to have plagiarised the movie Splash, due to similarities in plot and other details.

Images: TPG/Click Photos, ONE