Since news of Korean celebrities being involved in a “sponsor scandal” broke out, names of numerous female singers said to be involved have been floating around on various online portal.

The celebrities were said to have been paid for engaging in sexual activities with wealthy Korean men in South Korea and abroad.

Recently, The Fact published an article about a female singer who was called in by the police for questioning for her alleged involvement in one such case. The news outlet also published photos of the celebrity at the police station, but had her face blurred out.

The star is said to have been approached by a broker, who acted as a middleman for her to provide her services to a Korean businessman living in the United States. She was allegedly paid 35 million won (about $41,000) for it.

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Earlier in the week, another news outlet, NewDaily, had hinted on the celebrity’s identity: They wrote that the singer’s contract with her agency recently expired and her name was taken down from the agency’s website shortly after the scandal broke out. Although the logo of the agency was blurred, many could make it out to be Cube Entertainment, leading them to speculate that the singer involved was G.NA, a Canadian-Korean celebrity who is known for her powerhouse vocals, svelte figure and hit songs such as “I’ll Get Lost, You Go Your Way” and “Black & White”. G.NA recently announced that she would not be renewing her contract with Cube Entertainment, and was looking for a new agency.

Another female celebrity, who is said to have been active in a girl group in the 2000s, was also called in for questioning.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Image: TPG/Click Photos