Looks like Coachella can save on promotional posters for one of their artists, Epik High. One of the members, Tablo, has taken things into his hands (literally) by designing one just by using his phone and a few apps.

The rapper posted the first poster on his Twitter account with the caption, “Made in like 15 minutes with a cell phone and a couple of apps. It has everything required to go viral.”

Fans then started tweeting him ideas on what to include in the poster, including unicorns and rainbows.

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The 35-year-old also tweeted Steve Yeun to ask whether he wanted to be a part of the poster, and included the latter into the masterpiece upon his agreement.

The result? Pure genius, just like his songs.

Hey Tablo, would you like to freelance as CLEO’s graphic designer?

Image: TPG/Click Photos