When Seo Taiji announced that he would be collaborating with K-pop boy band BTS for the former’s 25th anniversary project, fans were psyched.

It was revealed earlier today that the septet will be doing a remake of Seo Taiji’s hit song, “Come Back Home”. The song will be released today at 6pm Korean time, or 5pm local time.

The project will see various artists, including Younha and Urban Zakapa, singing the veteran singer’s classic hits.

We reckon the reason BTS was chosen for “Come Back Home” was probably because of the meaning behind the song – it had encouraged runaway teenagers to return home when it was first released in 1995.


And given that BTS is an influential group with a large base of teenage fans, it could be very well the reason the group was chosen to sing this song. Of course, that’s just our speculations.

The Korean Herald quoted Seo Taiji to be saying, “The new track is a great remake piece which shows BTS’ unique style. It will impress all the listeners, whether they know the original track or not. I hope ‘Come Back Home’ can give hope also to the teenagers of the current generation.”

We hope BTS’s version would have as much impact on teenage runaways as the original version did!

Image: TPG/Click Photos