Cheska, a former member of K-pop girl group Fiestar, recently went on Twitch to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) stream where she spilt the tea on her experience in the industry, name-dropped a famous K-pop artiste who ‘snubbed’ her, and claimed that all K-pop singers go under the knife.

First to be called out was former Sistar member Hyolyn, who gave her a stank face when they crossed paths in the washroom.

“I was going to the bathroom, I waited in line, I went to the bathroom, I peed, came out to wash my hands, saw Hyolyn and I was like, ‘Okay, the bathroom’s empty. You can use it. No one’s using it. I’m done using it.’ And she gave me that face,” the 27-year-old recounted in English as she made a face to the camera.

kpop girl group fiestar
K-pop girl group Fiestar disbanded in May 2018.

However, Cheska clarified in the stream as well that you can’t believe all the gossip you hear about K-pop artistes and groups. Referencing her encounter with Hyolyn, Cheska revealed that Hyolyn’s manager told her that the female soloist reacted that way because she just wanted to smoke.

Cheska also admitted that it’s normal for the senior groups to dismiss greetings from a new group that has just debuted. While reacting to a YouTuber who called out a famous idol group for ignoring her greeting and giving her a face, Cheska exclaimed: “But everyone’s like this.”

She went on to explain that if you’re a top group that’s paid your dues, this is common behaviour. “If you’re a group that’s on top, like Girls’ Generation, T-ARA, Girls’ Day, Sistar, they all do this to be honest.”

On Plastic Surgery Among K-pop Stars

On another AMA stream, Cheska touched on the topic of plastic surgery and asserted that every K-pop idol got plastic surgery, though companies try to make it look as natural as possible. Referring to a YouTube video of before-and-after photos of K-pop idols, she pointed out Twice’s Nayeon and Blackpink’s Lisa and the work they had done.

She also shared the various surgeries people have done, like inserting silicone into the forehead or cutting the side of the lips to make it bigger. Cheska herself admitted that she had double eyelid surgery done because she was forced to, but refused to get more work done.

When talking about Blackpink’s Lisa, Cheska said: “This, she went through surgery, but it’s natural surgery… It’s not like [singer] Park Bom. Her face is gone.”

On Being A K-pop Idol

Being a K-pop idol isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and Cheska spoke a lot about her dark past as an idol. For the sake of brevity, we summed up her claims:

She was conned into coming to South Korea under the promise of becoming the second BoA.

When she first arrived in the country, she was manipulated and raped. She wasn’t under Kakao M (formerly LOEN Entertainment) at that time.

She was born in Seoul but moved to Alabama when she was two. Yet, her company made her lie about her birthplace to make it look like she was born in the US.

She corroborated Cao Lu’s (her group mate) claims that the Fiestar members didn’t make any money from their time in the group. The girls were each given a monthly allowance of only 500,000 won (S$584) which the company would claim back from them.

She was bullied by the group leader Jei and group mate Yezi. Due to their bullying and her desire to fit in with the group, she put herself down and even stayed away from popular singer-actress IU after the latter gave Cheska a shout-out on Twitter, resulting in some recognition.

Cheska’s claims and revelations came from two Twitch streams she made last month but which have since been taken down, possibly because K-pop fans have been berating her via DMs.

Sharing the messages she’s gotten, a resigned Cheska wrote: “I tried… I opened up and I was myself and got shit on. This is why I hate K-pop. I give up. Good night.”

Images: Cheska’s Instagram, TPG/Click Photos

Text: Bryan Lim / AsiaOne / March 2020