In My Love From Another Star, Jun Jihyun acted as an overbearing actress Chun Songyi; in Boys Over Flowers, Lee Minho acted as the rich and arrogant Gu Junpyo.

So what happens when the pair team up for a new drama, Legend of the Blue Sea? We reckon it’ll be pretty explosive because of these reasons.

Jihyun is acting as a mermaid.
Yes, not the mermaids you see at River Safari, but a real one – or as real as it can get in the drama.

The intriguing plot
Here’s the description we got from the press release, “The series tells the tale of the centuries spanning love of the world’s last mermaid and the man who has saved her. In the present day, Lee Minho plays a genius conman, and hilarity ensues when he crosses paths with Jun Ji Hyun’s mermaid character as she attempts to adjust to life on land.” So basically, man meets mermaid, fall in love and… live happily ever after – or not because lbr, this is a K-drama.

The director and the writer are amazeballs
The drama sees two powerhouses coming onboard: the writer is My Love from the Star’s Park Jieun, and the director did The Master’s Sun and City Hunter.So we can safely assume this will be a good run.

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This is their small screen comeback
The reason why this production is a highly anticipated one is because it marks the return of both Jihyun and Minho to TV – the actress just gave birth earlier this year, while Minho has been focusing his efforts on movies for the past three years. And as far as we know, comeback projects are a huge deal for celebs, so we have expectations of this,

Jihyun’s acting
And if all fails, we can certainly rely on Jihyun’s versatile acting, considering most of her past works have gotten us hooked. If anything, we’re expecting a romcom like My Love From Another Star and Boys Over Flowers.

Scroll the gallery to see more stills from the drama.



Legend of the Blue Sea premieres on ONE on 17 November and airs every Thursday and Friday at 8.10pm, within 24 hours of its Korean telecast. It is available first and exclusively on ONE.

Images: ONE