Korean actor Lee Seung Gi who recently acted in drama A Korean Odyssey, also known as Hwayugi, expressed condolences for a staff member who was injured in an accident on the set of the drama.

The staff member fell from a height of about three meters after being asked to hang up a chandelier on the ceiling by a producer late at night. He suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and dislocated his spine, which resulted in him being paralysed from waist-down.

Three executives involved in the show, the CEO of the production company, the art director of the drama and a representative from the set installation company, were charged by the police for their responsibility in the accident. According to news reports from two days ago, the case has been forwarded to prosecution.

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In an interview with MBN News published yesterday, Seung Gi expressed his condolences over the accident and said it affected the mood on the set because it became hard to even smile. He said he decided that the only thing he could do was do his best in acting to avoid bringing trouble on set. “When we resumed filming, I wrote handwritten letters to express my heartfelt feelings.”

hwayugi lee seung gi

A Korean Odyssey had previously been caught up in another controversy, when a novelist accused the writers, the famed Hong sisters, of plagiarising her novel, Aeyugi. However, the Hong sisters have refuted the claims and said they had started preparing for A Korean Odyssey when they were wrapping up their previous drama, Master’s Sun, in 2014, and went on to say that they had mentioned their concept in previous interviews.

A Korean Odyssey is available on Netflix.

Images: Netflix, TPG/Click Photos