How do you get your video noticed by a director? Well, it has to be really, really good. Or really, really smart.

In this case, the spoof of Avengers: Infinity War done by a group of Malaysian students fit both bills.

Aiman Sany Mohd Ikhsan posted a video on Twitter of a video he made with his schoolmates as part of their English project. The video showed them recreating the scenes in Infinity War, but using everyday items and backdrops.

Light flares were replaced with plates, while a bridge was represented with a book on cookie tins. The best part? Possibly when the boys wore scarves or blankets around their head to mimic the female characters, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.

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Aiman’s tweet got the attention of the Russo brothers, who directed the movie, which will hit cinemas on April 26. They wrote, “Aiman. You guys are geniuses. Are you available to direct Avengers 5?”

Benedict Wong, who acts as Wong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, replied to the directors’ tweet, writing, “@awesomerawks you will have to lose my doppelgänger, no one holds plates better than me!”

We’re not sure what grade the boys ended up getting for the video, but we think it certainly deserves an A+!

Images: TPG/Click Photos