Last weekend, toy manufacturer Mattel announced they’ll be releasing new dolls: BTS dolls. Yes, BTS, as in the mega popular Korean boy group who is taking the world by storm.

The seven members will each get a doll (duh, because a Frankenstein of all their features could either look really good or really bad). Not much is known about the collection so far but this is not the first time Mattel is putting out a line of celebrity dolls. They have previously released dolls of One Direction, Cher and Shakira, among others.

If we were to be very honest, most of the dolls don’t bear striking resemblance to the artists themselves, but let’s just hope Mattel does a good job with the BTS dolls.

According to the Mattel’s official Twitter account, the dolls will be available to “millions around the world”, but we’re not sure if that includes Singapore.

The news took us by surprise (although, honestly, BTS is at the level of popularity to be getting Mattel dolls), but the funniest reactions are still on Twitter. Here are a few.

A sincere request on how Jimin’s lips should look like

An honest question about how much the whole collection would cost (because we need the complete group, right?!)

This unfiltered excitement

Another sincere request (which we doubt will come true)

And also this:

Start saving money, ARMY!