Want a job that pays $50,000 per year and allows you to travel all around the world? You’d want to work for 26-year-old Matthew Lepre, a millionaire who is looking for a personal assistant.

He travels around the world to give educational talks on growing an online business.

Hailing from Sydney, the self-made businessman has been chronicling the steady growth of his bank account, claiming to earn at least AUD120,000 (S$115,427) per month just from working on his laptop.

Now, he is looking for the perfect partner to expand his e-commerce business.

In a YouTube video posted on March 19, he announced that he is looking for candidates to sign up for what seems like the “coolest job in the world”.


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Matthew explains that the personal assistant will “travel the globe, work personally with him” as well have all his or her travel and accommodation paid for by the company.

According to the Daily Mail, the potential candidate will also receive a AUD52,000 (around S$50,000) annual base salary to help him handle his businesses around the globe.

The young millionaire also states that candidates must possess certain requirements before applying.

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Some of which are having the ability to multi task, arrange travel itineraries, have proficient knowledge in social media channels, be meticulous and possess tenacity as well as carry a passport that is valid for at least 12 months.


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A university dropout, Matthew was once AUD40,000 in debt due to student loans. It all changed when he decided to start his first e-commerce business which grew rapidly to where it is today.

Now, as the boss of four online businesses, Matthew’s work has brought him to cities all around the world such as Japan, Dubai and Hawaii. As evident from his Instagram, it seems his assistant would also accompany him to breathtaking destinations around the globe.


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But I mean, with a boss like that, who cares about the view?

Interested parties who wish to sign up for this opportunity of a lifetime may do so here.

Image: Matthew Lepre’s Instagram
Text: Kimberly Foo / AsiaOne / March 2019