2016 has been a bad year for K-pop fans, so we’re relieved to see a piece of good news for a change. YG Entertainment, one of the Big 3 talent agencies in South Korea who’s responsible for mega acts like Big Bang and 2NE1, has confirmed a new girl group! Called Black Pink, this band touted to be the “next 2NE1” consists of four members: Jennie Kim, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose.

These girls look sweet, but coming from the hip-hop influenced YG Family, we wouldn’t be surprised if they unleashed some fierce swagger on stage. We still don’t have any details of their debut date or single, but hopefully YG doesn’t keep us waiting for long! In the meantime, check out some recently released photos of the girls below.

There’s also rumors that the label has another girl group in the pipelines and they’ll debut soon after Black Pink. YG fans, this is proving to be a very exciting year (providing that Big Bang doesn’t enlist during year-end)!  


Images: YG Entertainment
Text: Sophie Hong