And he has a name! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their baby’s name last night and it was surprising:

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Looks like they really did choose to buck the trend in their choice of names because according to reports, Archie and Harrison are names that haven’t been used among British royalty. But they’re not the first to have done so—the Queen’s first granddaughter, Zara Phillips, also had a name that hadn’t been used in the royal family.

Archie Harrison seems to bear connotations of the baby’s dual-heritage, as Archie is a popular name among the British, while Harrison is more common among Americans. The baby carries dual-citizenship: the UK and the US.

However, unlike Prince William’s kids, Archie will not be known as a prince although he is seventh in the line of succession for the throne after his father. This is because Harry is the younger among the siblings.

While he could have a courtesy title as the first son of a duke and be known as Earl of Dumbarton, his parents decided against that—ofc they did—and decided to only have “Master” as his title.

Mountbatten-Windsor is a surname created in 1960 when the Queen got married to Prince Philip. It is a combination of their surnames.

Speaking of the Queen, she met her eighth great-grandchild and the photo is nawww-worthy.


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The royal baby has made his first public appearance! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released the first photos of the baby today, but have yet to reveal his name.

Meghan described the baby to have “the sweetest temperament” and has “just been a dream”. She also gushed about motherhood being “magic”.


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The couple doesn’t know which parent the baby takes after yet. Harry said, “His looks are changing every single day, so who knows?”


Excitement has been high since the British royalty announced Meghan Markle’s pregnancy through social media posts last year. It was said that the baby was due in spring.

Yesterday, Prince Harry met the reporters to confirm that the Sussex Duke and Duchess have welcomed a baby boy at 5.26am, London time (around noon Singapore time). The baby weighs 3.26kg.

The proud father was gushing about the baby as he stood in front of the reporter. He said, “As every father and parent will ever say, you know, your baby is absolutely amazing, but this little thing is absolutely to-die-for, so I’m just over the moon.”

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He also revealed that it was the first birth he attended and described it as “the most amazing experience I could ever have possibly imagined”. He added, “How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension.”

Meghan and Harry had planned for a home delivery at their house, Frogmore Cottage. They were reportedly getting ready to go there when Meghan went into labour. She was sent to Portland Hospital, a private hospital with £15,000-a-night rooms ($26, 794).

The couple, their baby and Meghan’s mother are now at Frogmore Cottage.

The little one hasn’t been named yet, as Harry revealed that they were still thinking of names. He said, “The baby’s a little bit overdue, so we’ve had a little time to think about it.”

If he follows in his brother’s footsteps, the name would probably be one of an ancestor’s, and Albert and Arthur are said to be potential names. Or perhaps he might just buck the trend and choose a different name.

The royal family made an official announcement in the form of an easel in front of Buckingham Palace.

Prince harry meghan markle baby

Unlike the usual, their announcement didn’t include doctors’ signatures, probably in a bid to protect Meghan and Harry’s privacy.

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