In what seems like the wildest news today, Cartoon Network announced that a Korean boy group will be appearing on We Bare Bears.

The channel announced via Twitter that MONSTA X will be appearing on an episode of the popular cartoon.


The collab happened after a fan, @wehappenings, tweeted the channel, saying that if a K-Pop group were to appear on the show, it should be MONSTA X because member Shownu is a huge fan.

Daniel Chong, the creator of the show replied with a vague “I’ll see what I can do”, which is a standard answer for “thanks for your feedback”, right?

A year later, they announced the collab. WOW.

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Apparently, @wehappenings had been in on the collab for a while. They (because we don’t know the gender of the person behind the account) said they had to keep it a secret for a while.

And according to the account, the members voiced their own characters on the show.

In the short clip, it’s revealed that Ice Bear had snuck himself into a luggage in order to meet MONSTA X (not a sasaeng act at all, Ice Bear). Here’s the thing though: according to Billboard, the plan was to sneak Panda, who’s a big MONSTA X fan, in. But alas, it was Ice Bear who met them.

Watch the clip below for some adorableness.

Want to watch this episode? It will air simultaneously on Cartoon Network (StarHub TV CH 316 and Singtel TV CH 226) and Oh!K (StarHub TV CH 816 and Singtel TV CH 525/611) on National Day, 9 August at 9am, and will be available for viewing on the Cartoon Network Watch & Play app as well.