Korean drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, starring Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung, may be the one of the top dramas of the year, but that didn’t stop complains from streaming in after broadcasting channel KBS aired two scenes.

The scenes in question were a kiss scene between the Bogum and Yoojung, and one in which the latter was seen bandaging her chest to disguise herself as a man.



Viewers complained that the scenes were inappropriate due to Yoojung’s age – she’s 17 years old and is considered a minor in South Korea.

Korean news portal Sports Chosun quoted a statement released by the censorship board, Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC): “Fundamentally, if there’s a kiss and exposure scene, it’s wrong to cast a minor. If the actress is an adult, there would not be a problem.”

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They added that the main problem lies with casting minors to play adult roles, and said if they had given the green light for Yoojung’s scenes, there could be a possibility of producers continuing to have minors play adult roles in future. They said, “There needs to be a discussion on whether we should continue allowing minors to act in adult roles. We are concerned that they might be provocatively exposed.”

Yoojung started out as a child actress and has been taking on roles in which she plays younger versions of the lead actresses. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is her first lead role that involved romance.

Image: YouTube