A photo has the ability to go viral, and so does a Twitter post, but put the two together and have a celebrity respond to it… Well, it’s likely to blow up.

A tweet involving Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o certainly blew up when it not only got the celebs’ acknowledgement, but also a movie in the making.

Here’s how it started: Twitter user @1800SADGAL replies to tweet containg a photo of the two celebrities sitting at the front row of Miu Miu fashion show, with the caption, “Rihanna looks like she scams rich white men and Lupita is the computer smart best friend that helps plan the scans [sic].”

Lupita saw the tweet after it went viral and retweeted it with the caption, “I’m down if you are @rihanna”.

Rihanna responded, “I’m in Pit’z.”

A writer/editor suggested that director Ava Duvernay took charge of the project and she seemed down for it, tweeting, “Lights set. Camera’s up. Ready to call action for these #queens.”


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Another suggested that writer Issa Rae get onboard and both Isaa and Rihanna supported the idea.

And there it was – a project made on Twitter. All in the span of a week. Netflix has reportedly bought the rights for the film during Cannes Film Festival this week, and reports have it that all four – Rihanna, Lupita, Ava and Issa – will be involved.

And now we wonder, will any of the Twitter users, especially @1800SADGAL, be getting any royalties at all?

Images: Lupita Nyong’O’s Twitter, Rihanna’s Instagram