Ever wondered what it’s like to be in a chat group with famous celebs? One South Korean netizen got a taste of it when he/she got invited to a chat group with the members of K-pop groups BTOB and Apink.

The netizen, who called themselves A-nim (Miss or Mr A), uploaded screengrabs of the conversation that took place in the group chat on Korean online community Pann.

A-nim had received a photo of Apink members posing in front of a BTOB poster via a group chat in Kakaotalk (similar to WhatsApp).


One of the people in the group chat, presumably either Bomi or Chorong who are in the photo, then wrote, “My expression of not wanting to take a photo.” That person and another person, presumably a BTOB member (since he mentioned that Sungjae called him ‘hyung’ which is the term used for males) continued chatting until one of them asked, “Who is A-nim? Is it Bomi (Apink member)?”


Another member seemed to realise the mistake and said, “Who is A-nim? Don’t tell me Ilhoon…”, implying that the BTOB member had probably changed his number without informing them.

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The unidentified member then asked everyone to leave the group chat, but before they left, one member apologised to the netizen, writing, “We’re sorry, A-nim. Please be healthy.” Nawww…


According to Korean news outlet Dispatch, the netizen claimed to have been receiving messages directed to Ilhoon, so he/she could be using Ilhoon’s old phone number.

The mistake couldn’t get any cuter and we can’t get over how one of them even apologised and told the netizen to be healthy when most celebs would probably have panicked. At least A-nim got a taste of what it’s like to be in a K-pop idol group chat for three minutes, even if the members are still unidentified.

Images: Pann/Nate