If you’ve followed Mandopop long enough, you’d probably know that Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou have one thing in common – they both dated Mandpop king Jay Chou at one point in time.

But in a 2013 interview, Jolin admitted that when Jay and Patty were photographed behaving intimately in Japan in 2005, she was still dating Jay. When she confronted him, he claimed that “the photo was taken upon everyone’s request”.

Jay initiated a breakup with Jolin a while later, and dated Patty till 2006.

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In the same interview, Jolin says she no longer resents Jay, and it seems her recent meeting with Patty supports her claim. The pair was seen taking photos together at Ruby Lin’s wedding banquet. Granted, there are no clips of them actually interacting with each other, but netizens are gushing over the possibility of them having buried the hatchet.

Confused over their relationships? Here’s the lowdown.

Images: Weibo, TPG/Click Photos