Celebrity couples are always under public scrutiny and surrounded by allegations of breakups when they haven’t been spotted together for some time. Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong seems to be the latest celebrity couple who have fallen victim to such allegations.

Song Zude, an entertainment critic, alleged that the couple, who started dating again three years ago – 11 years after their initial separation – had called it quits. He wrote in a Weibo post, “I dare to swear, if I broke this news wrongly, I will do a livestream of myself eating 400g of dog s***.”


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According to an article he posted on the same day, he alleged that the two celebs had reconcile their relationship purely for money, and that they have since signed a breakup agreement. He also claimed that the couple would only appear together if there is a “commercial collaboration”.


However, it seems the 36-year-old actor indirectly dismissed the allegations on Facebook, by writing that he looked forward to the critic’s livestream.


The actor started dating Faye after he divorced actress Cecilia Cheung. Zude was reportedly the one who broke news of Faye giving birth to a child with cleft lip, and Cecilia’s involvement in Edison Chen’s nude photo scandal. However, some of his other allegations involving actress Liu Yifei and other celebs have yet to be proven true.

While some people are inclined to believe him because of his history of breaking news, others are quick to jump to Nicholas and Faye’s defence and said they look forward to Zude eating dog s***.

Images: Weibo, Facebook, TPG/Click Photos