If you’re into the Chinese entertainment scene, you probably would know of Nine Percent, the group that was born out of reality survival programme, Idol Producer. At its centre is Cai Xukun.

The 19-year-old idol born in Hunan, China, surprised everyone, including the judges, when he auditioned for the programme. After all, he’s no new face to the scene. He continued to come out on top on every episode, virtually cementing his place in the group even during the start of the show.

Here are some things to know about him.

He’s good at basketball

Xukun listed one of his hobbies as playing basketball. He’s quite the fitness buff too, and enjoys swimming.

He was a member of SWIN-S before joining Idol Producer

In 2015, Xukun joined reality TV competition Super Idol and made it to the final cut to be a member of the group SWIN. The group comprised two sub-units: SWIN-E, which appeared TV and movies, and SWIN-S, the music counterpart. Xukun was part of SWIN-S, but left the group months later.

He’s now suing that company

Xukun has reportedly filed a lawsuit against SWIN’s agency, Shanghai Yihai Pictures & Culture, Inc. for unfair contract and “deceiving a teenager”. The contract was seven years long and stipulated that the company would get most of the group’s earnings during the whole contract period. It also stipulated that should the members break the contract, they have to pay a hefty sum in termination fees.

He almost debuted with popular Chinese boy band TFBoys

He was reportedly a trainee that was preparing to debut as a member of TFBoys. However, due to his young age, his mother wanted him to focus on his studies, which led him to going to California, USA. He left America in 2015.

He debuted as an actor in 2012

When he was just 14, Xukun played the younger version of Korean actor Lee Joon Hyuk’s character in Chinese drama Half A Fairytale. Two years later, he took on another role in Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down. He recently acted in web drama I Won’t Get Bullied By Girls.

He’s the spokesperson for L’Oreal Youth Code

The first sign of stardom: you land commercial deals. Xukun was appointed as the spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris Youth Code serum. Yes, we know, he’s 19 and probably has no signs of ageing to speak of. But, you know, celebrities sell. (We know because we’ve bought products because of celebs too.)