We gotta admit, we’re suckers for cute stuff—aren’t we all are? Which is why, we think Bao deserved that Oscar nomination for Best Short Film.

But the reason for our pride doesn’t stop there: the Pixar short film is directed by a female. And an Asian (well, Canadian but Asians will always be Asians LOL). And it touches on a value that’s relatable to us: filial piety.

The director, Domee Shi, told Good Morning America that she based the main character of the film (the mother, not the dumpling) off her own mother. The short film tells the story of how the woman, who lives alone after her children have left the house, becomes a mother again when one of the baos she made came to life. It touches on loneliness, familial ties and Asian values.

Domee was born in Chongqing, China, before moving to Canada with her parents at the age of two. She worked as a storyboard artist on Inside Out, during which she worked on Bao as a “side project”.

While she was notified of her nomination in December, the full list of Oscar nominees was only released last night. Sure, we’re bummed that Timothee Chalamet didn’t make the cut, but we have another reason to be proud: one superhero movie achieved a feat that even Avengers didn’t—it is nominated for Best Picture. Oh, and six other categories.

We are, of course, talking about Wakanda Forever—we mean Black Panther. Unlike the other superhero movies, what made Black Panther different was its all-African American cast, and the fact that it’s basically a racial commentary about what issues that are going on in the world: racism, white supremacy, bureaucracy… you get the drift.

Lupita Nyong’O took it to Twitter to express her excitement with a super cute video of the cast reacting to the trailer of the movie at Comic Con in 2017. Almost two years later, they got an Oscar nomination. Wait, SEVEN OSCAR NOMINATIONS.

See the nominees of some categories below.

Images: YouTube, TPG/Click Photos