Fans of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? might be rejoicing right now after reading news about Park Seo Jun and Park Min Young’s alleged relationship.

After all, the two displayed enviable chemistry acting as lovers in the Korean drama.

According to a Korean news outlet, the pair has been dating in secret for three years, even before they got offers to play lovers in the popular K-drama.

Some eagle-eyed fans also dug up “evidence” of them dating: Minyoung wore the same cap and shoes that were featured in Seo Jun’s Instagram video in 2017.

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However, before fans could celebrate, Seo Jun’s agency stepped in to dispel the rumours, stating that the reports were not true, and that they were merely close colleagues who became familiar with each other while acting in the drama.

We guess there’s no Park-Park couple for now. (But just a reminder that Song-Song couple also denied being in a relationship and then surprised us with a marriage announcement.)

Image: TPG/Click Photos