Park Yoo Chun has laid low ever since his scandal broke out last year, after the JYJ member was accused of sexual assault.

After months of radio silence following the acquittal, he took fans by surprise when he announced a few months ago that he would be marrying a non-celebrity in September.

He and his fiancée, Hwang Hana, have reportedly been dating for more than a year. According to various reports, she comes from a wealthy family and has hung out with various celebrities, including Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, among others. This revelation led to her being dubbed as the Korean Paris Hilton.

It was reportedly through Hana’s now-deleted Instagram account that Yoo Chun left a message for his fans about his upcoming marriage.

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He allegedly wrote, “I can’t say anything else. I really want to say sorry and want to apologise to all of you.”

He added, “…about the wedding… I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell all of you beforehand. I could not even apologise. It was hard for me to say anything… I hope you understand.”

Read the full translation below.

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Yoochun's message to fans

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His fiancée allegedly followed up with her own personal message, telling netizens to stop leaving malicious comments about the people around her. In her no-holds-barred post, she also warned people who hurt others that what they did to others will come around and bite them in the rear. She rounded up the post by writing, “I know the timing was wrong. Why did this happen? Was it what we wanted? Please think about it. … I will also try to change. I sincerely apologise to those who have been affected by these sudden events.”

Image: TPG/Click Photos