In case you haven’t seen the snaking queue on social media, Pokemon Center is now at Jewel Changi Airport Singapore and the whole Singapore is psyched.

You’re probably thinking, “Singapore confirm more expensive lah!” I thought so too, but the prices actually surprised me. Here are my findings.

Pokemon Center Singapore vs Pokemon Center Japan

The prices below are those of the merch in the Osaka store, including 8% tax, using the exchange rate at time of writing (1,000 JPY = S$12.09).

Pokemon Center Merchandise Price in Singapore Price in Japan
Takara Tomy figurines $6.90 $19.58 (1,620 JPY)
Pokemon bell strap charms (assorted) $8 $6.39 (529.20 JPY)
Pokemon hand towels $8 $8.87 (734.40 JPY)
Pokemon handkerchieves $10 $6.52 (540 JPY)
Pokemon nanoblock $15.90 to $19.90 $12.39 to $16.96 (1,026 JPY to 1,404 JPY)
HelloPika talking Pikachu toy $29.90 $39.03 (3,229.20 JPY)
Pokemon caps (assorted) $45 $80.93 (6,696 JPY)
Big Pokemon soft toys  (assorted) $54 $41.77 (3,456 JPY)

Note: There is no tax rebate for Pokemon stores, no matter how much you spend. The calculations are based on the current exchange rate (1,000 JPY = S$12.09), but depending on whether you use cash or credit card, and where you changed your cash, the actual cost may vary slightly. For reference, the best rate at the money changer today was 1,000 JPY = $12.11.

Pokemon merchandise that are cheaper in Singapore

The Pokemon Center store in Singapore definitely loses in terms of variety, but surprise, surprise! For some strange reason, not everything is cheaper in Japan. Here are some items that are cheaper at the local store.

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Pokemon merchandise that are cheaper in Japan

Now, obviously most things are still cheaper in Japan. The range is much smaller in Singapore, but I managed to record the prices of some items I also saw in Japan.

Text: Eugenia Liew
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