[Updated with details from a press conference held by his doctors.]

After news broke that T.O.P was admitted to Intensive Care Unit yesterday for suspected drug overdose, the police department in Seoul has made an official statement.

According to them, T.O.P wasn’t unconscious when he was found – which contradicts the YG Entertainment rep’s initial statement. He was allegedly in deep sleep after consuming a higher dosage of tranquilizers than usual.

Yonhap News Agency quoted the police official as saying, “A medical examination showed Choi had no serious problems and he reacts when people call his name or pinch him. When he was transferred to the hospital, he wasn’t taken in a stretcher, but was helped by others.”

The official added, “Choi isn’t in critical condition, and he is just sleeping right now since the medication he took contains sleeping pill ingredients. Once the effects of the medication weaken after one or two days, he will be fine.”

Reports claimed that T.O.P has been taking tranquilizers for medical reasons, but he might have taken a higher dosage on Monday night.

Korean news outlets reported that the police denied that T.O.P was unconscious when he was brought to the hospital, and that he was assisted there, not carried.

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Some media also alleged that the Big Bang member had regained consciousness.

T.O.P’s mother had told reporters this morning at the hospital, “My son is not in a good condition.” She also told them while crying that reports of her son “sleeping because of tranquilizers” were wrong.

She reportedly told the 4th Division Commander, “He was unconscious when he was carried out. The doctor confirmed it.”

A YG Entertainment representative was quoted saying, “T.O.P’s mother is angry over the police’s announcement. T.O.P is currently unconscious while wearing an oxygen mask. It’s ridiculous to say that he’s sleeping.”

The rep added, “…Even if he wakes up, there are various worries such as the initial lack of oxygen.”

T.O.P was recently indicted for smoking marijuana on four occasions in October last year. He was expelled from the police PR unit and has been transferred to another unit while awaiting trial.

Update: After receiving permission from T.O.P’s mother, his doctors just held a press conference to clarify that the Big Bang member was unconscious when he arrived at the emergency room. The doctors described it as a “deep sleep” but said that he is improving. While they can’t guarantee when he would recover, one of the doctors said that based on her experience, such patients usually within a week if no complications arises. They added during the briefing that they will continue to monitor his condition and breathing in the intensive care unit.

Image: TPG/Click Photos