BTS fans, get your wallets ready. The K-pop group was recently appointed as the new faces for PUMA. This move came following their massive success all over the globe, especially their big break in America.

According to a press release sent by the brand, the PUMAxBTS collection, which will be released in South Korea in March, will be rolled out globally from July onwards – and Singapore will be one of the cities that will carry the collection.

bts puma collection


The collection will not only include the classic PUMA Turin trainers, but also sportswear basics.

ARMYs (as BTS fans are called) would notice the strong of numbers on the shoelace plate corresponding to the group’s debut date, June 13, 2013.

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And while you’re saving for that collection, you might want to consider putting in more money into your piggy bank because a follow-up capsule is set to be released later in Fall.

You’ll also see BTS in various PUMA campaigns throughout the year, as the group will also be fronting the Sportstyle range, including PUMA Suede and T-7 Track Suits.

Images: Puma