Are you a fan who loves BTS and has been with them since Day 1? Or perhaps you’re a new fan who just memorised all seven of their names. Regardless, you are an ARMY and that’s all that matters. And if you’re a BTS fan, you’d know that the group just announced that they would be taking a break to recuperate—and it’s honestly a well-deserved one because the boys have been flying all over the globe non-stop for the past years. Although earlier reports say that they’re on an extended break, the group’s rep emailed The Associated Press to clarify that the break will be “brief”. AP reported the rep to say, “It has been widely reported that BTS will be taking a hiatus. To clarify, BTS will only be taking a brief, but well-deserved vacation. We want to assure all of the BTS ARMY, fans, friends and the media that the group is excited to get back on the stage very soon for their scheduled stadium tour. More exciting BTS news and events to come!”

We don’t know how long this “brief” rest is, but they are scheduled to perform in Saudi Arabia on October 11, before wrapping up their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour in Seoul on October 26, 27 and 27.

While waiting for their comeback (or Jimin’s next V Live), why not do this quiz to find out how much you know about them?

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