When YG Entertainment first announced that they would be launching a beauty brand, moonshot, to add to their belt of varied businesses, many expected them to pick Big Bang’s G-Dragon as the brand ambassador. However, when they debuted with actress Lee Sung Kyung (who is also under YG Entertainment) as the face of the brand, we thought maybe they didn’t want to associate their brand to YG artistes. As it turned out, they had bigger plans. We spoke to the Creative Director of moonshot, Jenny Park, on the brand’s concept and choosing G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Sandara Park as spokespersons.

How did the concept of moonshot come about?
It [stemmed] from breaking rules and stereotypes of all the other beauty brands out there. There was like a handful of “Avengers” in the Korean beauty market and we gathered together and thought, why don’t we make a beauty brand? Something that is really fun and does not have any rules, which can make makeup a really fun thing.

In what way do you think you’re breaking the stereotype?
Most of our colour makeup ranges are all multi-functional, so it was not easy because you should be able to use that same product on your eyes, cheeks and lips and everything. You know people can do that with their lipstick and use it on their cheeks and everything, but the thing is, we wanted to come up multi-functional products that can really be used everywhere on your skin… You know other brands that have multi-functional products, but they don’t have it as a full range. So that was one thing that was different.

What would you say moonshot personality is like?
So when it comes to the brand’s name – moon and shot – you get a sense of [something] drastically different. In Korea, moon has a really soft image, and the shot has a bold image. So when you ask about the character of the brand, it’s more like bold. [But] because both concepts are [happening] at the same time, it could [also] be playful because these two different things are in the same category. So [moonshot] can be bold, playful and stylish.

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moonshot is owned by YG Entertainment. How much influence does the company have on the brand, and in what way is moonshot influenced by YG Entertainment artists?
It works in both ways. YG Entertainment artistes can be involved in the development as well because they use our products beforehand, even before it’s launched, so they can give us feedback. And we make our products [according to their wishes] as well. Another thing is the culture. For YG Entertainment artists, before they go on stage, they would say “Let’s play,” so [that slogan] is in our stores as well. The makeup artists in our stores [kind of] play with the customers. We call them moonshot boys and moonshot girls, so [customers] can get the sense of a K-pop idol’s identity from our makeup artists as well. And then we do all the high-fives when we play with the customers… So it’s about the products, but at the same time, the culture.

Why did you choose G-Dragon and Sandara Park as moonshot’s brand ambassadors?
There were talks in the beginning when we are creating moonshot that we should use G-Dragon in the beginning of the brand but we didn’t want it because we want it to be strategic. He leads all the trends, not just in Korea but globally, so we wanted to use him as our weapon when we think the time is right. We just launched [the brand] globally, so we thought it was time.

Are they ambassadors of moonshot or the cushion specifically?
For now, it’s just for the cushion. There are more product campaigns with G-Dragon, not just the cushion. He’s not the brand’s model or the face of the whole brand, but he will have more products with his face. … It’s coming in July here in Singapore. We’re gonna have more products with G-Dragon…

How about Sandara, was she chosen for the same reason?
There are two reasons. Dara is obviously one of the top-tier artistes that YG Entertainment has and what I liked about Dara is that she has two different kinds of personas when she is on-stage and off-stage. I like the two different personalities because the characters can go together, like the moon and the shot kind of concept. And most of all she has really beautiful skin, [which is important because] it’s a cushion product that we’re launching.

Images: moonshot