A New York-based designer from fashion label Paris 99 has uploaded an Instagram post and a series of Instagram stories, alleging that her designs heavily influenced Red Velvet’s outfits for their latest release—but were done without her permission.

Red Velvet will be releasing their new mini-album The ReVe Festival and have been dropping teaser images ahead of its release.

The  designer, Paris Starn, claimed that the outfits worn by the members in the teaser images “take heavy ‘inspiration’” from her work. She uploaded Instagram stories that point to the similarities between her outfits and the ones worn by the members.


The outfits are accented with wavy laces and have chequered prints. While they’re not identical, we can see how similar they look, from the cutout details to neckline.


She also alleges that Red Velvet’s company, SM Entertainment, had taken ideas from her imagery that she worked with artist Ondine Viñao.


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She wrote, “It deeply hurts to see large groups, that could have helped out a small designer, instead take from our hard work and brand it as their own.”


Fans have reached out to her to explain that Red Velvet was possibly not involved in the direction and outfits, while one fan has tagged SM Entertainment in an Instagram story, asking them to clarify the situation as it not only damages the group’s reputation, but is also unfair to the designer.

According to the brand’s official website, Paris launched her first collection during the Spring Summer 18 season, which means the brand is fairly new to the industry. Her designs “incorporates textiles that were used in the mid century for both clothing and home decor, yet gives them a contemporary twist.”

Image: TPG/Click Photos