David Beckham made the world collectively coo when he said in an interview that he wouldn’t allow Harper to date when she’s older. And it seems he’s not the only protective celebrity dad around. We posed a similar question to Ricky Kim, the father of Taeoh and Taerin who are stars of a reality TV variety show, Oh! My Baby, and received a surprising answer.

“My daughter dating when she’s older? Does she have to?”

Of course, it was all said in jest. The supportive father said that he would want her to date and experience puppy love. “I want her to experience holding hands for the first time and getting those love sweat and patters in your stomach.”

He added, “As a father, it’s going to be difficult because it’s my baby, you know. My little girl. But I think as a parent, the more you try to hold them back, the more they want to break out. So my wife and I try to [raise them] as if a child is a building. We just set up good pillars, and the rest of it come from them. They design it, what it’s gonna look like, they will colour it and paint it. Through life, they’ll figure it out, but we’ll just set up the pillars. And I hope when that they comes, I can be comfortable.”

The ideal age for her to start dating? 35 years old, he joked. He went on to say that he would allow her to start dating at between 16 and 18 years old, but she should only date seriously when she’s in college.

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The loving father continued speaking fondly of his children even when sharing discipline methods. He even shared a photo he took of the kids being punished – they had to stand against the wall and hold their arms up while reflecting on their mistakes.

In the midst of the interview, his mobile phone rang – it was a call from his wife, who was in a hotel room together with the kids who were taking a nap. While most people (us included) would reject or ignore the call, he excused himself to answer the phone. He later explained his actions. “This is a rule also (in addition to the house rules they set for the kids). When my wife calls, it’s about the family. To me, that’s my first job, so I answer my phone. It might be awkward for some people… but for me, it’s my wife.”

All right, everyone, we think we’ve just found Korea’s answer to David Beckham.

Oh! My Baby airs within a week of Korea’s telecast, every Thursday at 11pm on ONE. ONE is available on Singtel TV Ch 513, 604 and StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 and 823 

Images: ONE, Hidayah Idris