When news of the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first broke, it had many thinking whether the relationship will be royally-approved. After all, the first step to joining the royal family was to get the Queen’s stamp of approval – and by this, we don’t mean just verbally, but signing a notice of approval.

It isn’t just a family tradition for the British royals – it’s the law. According to various reports, the first six royals in line for the throne has to get prior approval from the Queen before they tie the knot. If they don’t? Well, let’s just say the Queen has the right to veto against the marriage.

But the question that was flying around months ago was if the Queen would actually approve of the marriage, given that Meghan is a divorcee.

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However, it seems that Prince Harry has finally gotten the Queen’s blessing to propose to Meghan. Seems like we’ll hear wedding bells ringing soon!

The next question people had was if the couple could actually get married in Westminster Abbey, the same place where the Queen and Prince William had their respective weddings. According to Daily Express, they can do it, thanks to General Synod Ruling of 2002 that allows divorcees to be married in the Church of England.

Images: Meghan Markle’s Instagram, TPG/Click Photos