Update: SBS announced today that Running Man will be cancelled. The show will come to an end in February 2017. Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo will stay on the show until then. They said in a joint statement, “When we think about the members whom we’ve spent seven years with, and the fan whom we’ve received love from, we decided we should have the best finale.”

Imagine working for a company for seven years, only to find out from a mass email that you’ve been sacked when you’ve done nothing wrong. “It’s part of restructuring,” your boss says, but there was no private meeting before that or any kind of heads-up. Well, that’s not unimaginable in real life, but we would think that was how Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo felt when they were ousted from popular Korean variety show Running Man.

Initial reports stated that the two would be leaving the programme in Season 2 of the show, leading to assumptions that Jongkook will be focusing on his music career, and Jihyo on her acting projects. However, it came to light that the two were not given ample heads-up before the announcement. In fact, Jihyo was given none at all.

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After public backlash, the producers of Running Man issued an official apology to the pair. They said, “Running Man has been working towards a restructuring and aimed to launch Season 2 in January 2017. During this process, the communication process with the Running Man members were stunted, so when the articles came out, it caused hurt to Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo who are like family with us after seven years. We sincerely apologise to the two of them for that. In addition, the Running Man crew is apologetic to the viewers who have shown love for Running Man. Once again, we apologise for not treating Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo with more consideration, and the confusion caused to other Running Man members.”

We can think of all the memes that Jongkook and Jihyo can use to respond to this.





Or even


But come on, this GIF best describes this situation.


Running Man airs every Friday night at 11pm on ONE. ONE is available on Singtel TV Ch 513 & 604, StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 & 823.

Image: ONE