Two years ago, SECRET’s Song Jieun revealed actor Lee Kwangsoo to be her ideal type. She told BNT International that she was impressed by his willingness to not care about his image and act goofy on variety show Running Man

Last weekend, the two finally met up to go on a date together. Well, at least on Running Man.

In that episode, Kwangsoo was tasked with calling female celebrities who have named him as their ideal type of man. He managed to land a date at a nail parlour with Jieun, who revealed that she has regarded him as her ideal type for seven years.

Jieun revealed that one of her idea dates would be one where she and her date would visit a nail salon, and he would be beside her, also getting his nails done. He made her dream a reality as the duo headed to a nail parlour and had each other’s initials painted on their nails.

After the manicure, Kwangsoo made Jieun sit through a lie detector test to suss her out on whether she still thought of him as her ideal type.

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They surprised themselves when she passed the test, along with other questions thrown at her, including whether she was disappointed after spending time with him, and if they would consider going out after filming ends.

The lie detector device they used might not be the most accurate thing in the world but hey, we gotta admit, they’ll make a sweet couple.

Images: Jieun’s Instagram, Kwangsoo’s Instagram