Rapper San E has been under fire for a while for his lyrics about women in his song “Feminist”. The song is about a man who claims to be a feminist, but goes on to question the existence of gender inequality and even accused them of monetising the #MeToo movement and turning men into criminals.


After backlash from the society and even fellow rappers—one female rapper even released a diss track titled “Equalist” directed at him—San E took it to Instagram two weeks ago to clarify that the song doesn’t represent his feelings and is not a diss track targeted at women. He said, “If you listened to the song one more time, you’ll realise that the narrator in the song is not me.”

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He went on to say that his set-up of the meta-perspective was weak, which could have led to the misunderstanding. He said the song is meant to shine the spotlight on people who claim to respect feminism, gender equality and women, but are hypocritical and whose actions to women contradict their claims.

While he initially chose to keep mum about the matter because he didn’t want his argument to sound like an excuse, he said he decided to speak up after his fan/friend who had been supporting him for 10 years texted him to say she was disappointed with him.

Despite his explanation, many were still angry at him, leading him to getting booed when he performed at his agency Brand New Music’s concert. An audience reportedly held up a placard with insults written on it, targeted at San E.

This led to the rapper bursting out in anger and asking if there were WOMAD and Megalia—two of the most popular feminist online communities in South Korea—members in the audience. “I want to tell the WOMAD and Megalia members here: You’re not feminists. You’re pyschos. You’re social evils.”

The agency later apologised for his remarks on his behalf.


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A few days ago, news channel SBS ran a piece about the rapper’s anti-feminists remarks during the concert, which the rapper claimed in a YouTube video was misconstrued and taken out of context.

Yesterday, Brand New Music released a statement to announce that the agency and the rapper have mutually agreed to part ways.