Count on Lee Kwangsoo to make it onto the highlight reel of Korean actor Seo Kangjoon’s year.

The Running Man star is currently acting with Seo Kangjoon, Lee Donghwi, Park Jungmin and Cho Jinwoong in Korean drama Entourage, a remake of the popular US TV series.

Kangjoon and Donghwi, who are in town to promote the show, said at the press conference that a scene involving Kwangsoo was by far the most interesting one. The scene in question? Kwangsoo punching a hamburger.

In fact, Kangjoon went on to claim, “I think that was the funniest moment I had in 2016.” And 2016 is not even over yet.

If there’s anything you’ll notice while watching the show, it’s probably not only the glitzy life of K-celebs, but also the chemistry among the actors. And as the two actors revealed, it’s not all acting – they are close friends in real life. Donghwi said, “I think in future, it’ll be hard to have something that’s more interesting to film than this because of how close the cast was, with Cho Jinwoong, Lee Kwangsoo, Park Jungmin and Seo Kangjoon.”

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How the actors got close is definitely a story to tell. Kangjoon revealed that after they were done filming, they toured together around Busan, where most of the filming took place. They visited the beach and went out for drinks together. He added, “Even though filming has ended, we would still gather together for beer while watching the broadcast.” Friendship goals, aye?

Of course, it wasn’t just sightseeing and drinking for the lads. Donghwi revealed that they would sometimes play games that involved punishments. He said, “One of the punishments I had to do was go out in the rain without an umbrella for five minutes on a really rainy day in Busan. I caught a cold after that.”

After reading that, you might think the duo is living the high life, just like their characters, but they claimed otherwise. Kangjoon pointed the stark differences between his character, Korean superstar Cha Youngbin, and himself:  “… it’s not really about the character, but more about Korean celebrities [in general]. I always stay at home to play with my cat, or go to Han River alone. Sometimes, I meet with my friends for beer. But in the drama, the stars go to hot places and hang out with their friends, so it’s something that I don’t experience in my own life as a Korean star.”

Donghwi, whose character Geobook is also quite the merry-maker, concurred that he is nothing like his on-screen persona. “My character likes to go out and have fun … but in real life, I like to stay at home and play games on my PlayStation.”

Entourage airs on tvN, every Monday and Tuesday, at 9:15 pm. tvN is available on Singtel TV 518 (HD) / Channel 619 (HD) StarHub TV Channel 824 (HD).