Hours after photos of Seungri in handcuffs circulated online after his trial for the Burning Sun case, the court has come to a decision: the request for his arrest warrant, or pretrial detention warrant, has been rejected.

In South Korea, a pretrial detention warrant would allow the prosecutor to detain a suspect for more than 48 hours, up to an additional 10 days. The prosecutor can request for an extension if they wish to detain the suspect for a longer time.

Earlier in the day, Seungri and CEO of Yuri Holdings Yoo In Suk attended a trial that would determine whether the court would approve the warrant.

At around 9pm, the court announced that the warrant has been rejected. Judge Shin Jong Yeol, who is in charge of the case, said, “The main allegation is embezzlement, but there is room for dispute, and it’s also difficult to recognise the other reasons for arrest, including destruction of evidence.”

In other words, according to the court, there is little concern that he would destroy evidence, given the extent of his involvement, the progress of investigation, his position paper (written report outlining his attitude/intentions) and evidence that has been collected. The arrest warrants for both Seungri and Yoo In Suk were rejected.

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The Burning Sun controversy has been brewing for a few months. Seungri and Yoo In Suk has allegedly provided prostitution services for his clients and embezzling 530 million won from Burning Sun. Yesterday, police found evidence that Seungri himself had engaged prostitution services at least thrice.

The club had closed down in February following allegations of drug use and sexual violence, as well as police bribery. The allegations surfaced when a club-goer brought the shady operations of the club to light after he was beaten up by club security for trying to protect a woman who was manhandled by a staffer.

Seungri initially denied any involvement with the club, but later announced his retirement from the industry and departure from K-pop group Big Bang on social media. His agency, YG Entertainment, terminated his contract shortly after.

Apart from this scandal, Seungri is one of the celebrities embroiled in a hidden camera scandal, alongside Jung Joon Young. They were part of a chat group that disseminated photos and videos of women in sexual acts or compromising positions—all taken without the women’s knowledge. Joon Young was arrested in March.

Image: TPG/Click Photos