Shortly after it was announced that Big Bang’s Seungri has been booked on anti-prostitution charges following the Burning Sun club scandal, the 28-year-old took it to Instagram to announce his retirement. He wrote,

This is Seungri.

I think it would be good for me to retire from showbiz at this point. I have decided to retire from the entertainment industry because of the huge social controversy that arose from the issues. I’m under investigation and will accede to it with sincerity so that all the suspicions can be revealed.

In the past one-and-a-half month, I have received criticisms and hatred from people, and now all the national investigative agencies are investigating me. I’m in a situation where I cannot afford to let myself live while causing pain to the people around me.

I’m very grateful to fans both in Korea and overseas who have shown me love for the past 10 years. For the sake and honour of Big Bang and YG, I will end my career now.

I would like to apologise once again.
Thank you for everything for all these years.

The police said that they have booked Seungri in order to investigate him and clear him of the charges if he’s found innocent.

FYI, being booked is NOT the same as being charged. A person is booked when the police makes an official note of the personal details, while a person who is charged means they are formally accused of a crime, but can still be found innocent.

After being booked, Seungri will be treated as a suspect for future investigations and a seizure and search warrant will be issued.

The whole scandal started after a customer claimed to have been assaulted by a Burning Sun employee. The victim alleged that he had asked a security office to help a female clubber who was sexually harassed, but was assaulted instead.

Burning Sun was then embroiled in a controversy surrounding violence, sexual assault and drug use allegations.

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During investigations, Seungri had maintained that he was helping out with PR activities at the club during his break from Big Bang’s activities, but he’s no longer involved in the club and that he had stepped down from operations.


In end February, Seungri was questioned by the police for eight hours.

Weeks after the initial scandal, a Kakaotalk chat allegedly involving Seungri and Burning Sun’s employees was leaked. A person assumed to be Seungri was seen ordering another employee to provide prostitution services for a VIP. Seungri refuted the allegations, claiming that the screenshot was fake.

Last week, YG Entertainment was under fire for allegedly disposing of evidence of Seungri’s involvement with the club. Their CEO Yang Hyun Suk has responded, stating that the disposal was based on a regular schedule that staff does every three months.

Investigations are ongoing.