Seungri has long been known as one of the funniest members of K-pop boy group Big Bang. Despite the group’s cool, badass image, Seungri’s no-holds-barred sense of humour makes him a favourite on Korean variety shows, opportunities that, unfortunately, he doesn’t get as often as he should.

Having been to Big Bang and G-Dragon’s concerts in Singapore, I was expecting a music-focused show that the group is so well-known and well-loved for—after all, they’re one of the few boy bands that perform with a live band for their concerts. But I should have expected a variety show-like concert because that’s what Seungri delivered for The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live In Singapore.

In between sets that comprise his solo releases, the group’s popular hits as well as the other members’ song, he bantered with the fans in fluent English and Mandarin in his signature brand of humour. Scroll through the gallery to read some of the funniest quips of the night.

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Images: CK Star Entertainment