Korean actress Shim Eunkyung may be well-known as the child actor in Hwang Jini and The Legend, but recently, she has cemented her status as an actress in her own right.

Her breakout role came in the form 2011 comedy film Sunny, but what catapulted her into the limelight was her lead role in Miss Granny. However, she reckoned both movies were turning points her in life. The actress, who is in town for the launch of tvN Movies, said, “When I shot Sunny, I was 17 and it was an eye-opening experience for me as an actress. I received a lot of advice from the director and through that, it allowed me to think of how to develop and grow more as an actress. So, it built the foundation for my career.”

She added, “As for Miss Granny, I felt a lot of pressure because it was my first leading role as an adult, and I had to act as an elderly. I talked a lot to the director on how I can act it out naturally without being awkward.”

To get into her role, the 22-year-old actress spoke in satoori (dialect) and mimicked the way the elderly talked. She said, “Even when I was texting the director, I would use that kind of speech pattern. In fact, even after filming wrapped up, some people told me I still spoke like an elderly person!”

The film was a blockbuster hit and inspired remakes all over the world, including one in Hollywood. But Eunkyung revealed that she never expected the phenomenal success. “When I was filming it three to four years ago, I didn’t expect it to have remakes from various parts of the world. I didn’t even expect that I would be sitting here, being interviewed like this.”

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Although she mentioned in a press conference before the interview that she didn’t dream of becoming an actress when she was younger, her passion for acting has left her co-stars impressed. In a previous interview, Lee Seunggi spoke highly of her acting abilities, claiming that he has never met an actress who had such great strength in acting. Eunkyung repaid the favour and praised him during the interview. She said, “Seunggi is good in many areas, such as singing, hosting variety shows and acting. His acting influenced me in some ways, and he was very considerate while we were filming.”

The actress also spoke about her Fabricated City co-star, Ji Changwook. She said, “Changwook and Seunggi are very different. Changwook is the quiet type, and up till now, we haven’t spoken a lot so we’re not that close. But I have a good impression of him. His gaze is very good, so I think he has a good potential in acting.”

With shining testimonials from her co-stars and 13 years of acting experience under her belt, you would expect the actress to be confident about her skills. But Eunkyung thinks she’s not ready for Hollywood. In fact, she has never thought about making a foray into that territory. She said, “I think I have to learn more about acting and focus on acting in Korea first. Later on, when I’ve prepared more, I might think about it.”

tvN Movies is available on StarHub TV channels 818 and 819. It’s available for free until January 31, 2017.