After Jonghyun passed away last month, it was unclear if SHINee’s Japan tour would go on as scheduled. The group was due to perform in Osaka and Tokyo as part of their SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018~FROM NOW ONtour.

Following Jonghyun’s death, a notice was posted on the group’s official Japanese website to announce that the agency was discussing with the members on whether they would go ahead with the shows or postpone the tour, adding that they would respect the members’ decision.

Today, it was announced that the members have decided to go ahead with the tour. Each of the member posted a handwritten note to fans, explaining their decision.

Leader Onew wrote, “… Jonghyun’s mother told us never to give up, and I believed that if we could give comfort to someone who is missing [Jonghyun] and in pain, I should work harder although I’m lacking. … Jonghyun, who is forever a SHINee member, will always be in our hearts and your hearts, so I think nothing will change.”

Onew has been absent from SHINee’s activities following an incident at a club, and a few days before Jonghyun’s death, SM Entertainment announced that he would be joining the rest of the group for their Japan tour.

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The rest of the members also uploaded their notes. Key wrote, “… Many people are worried about us, but we have decided to go ahead with our Japan concerts. Jonghyun would have wanted us to make this decision too, keeping our promise to our fans and showing fans a good performance. That’s the most SHINee-like thing to do.”

Minho sought fans’ support and wrote, “… As we and Jonghyun promised, when we are tired and want to quite, and when we want to run away because we feel weak, I will remember that your hands are our biggest strength, and I’ll keep singing for you.”

Youngest member Taemin, wrote, “… For me, the time I feel most secured and happiest was when I was with the members and fans. … I want to keep receiving love as SHINee, and I want to show our member in heaven that we can confidently stand on stage as SHINee.”

SHINee’s Japan tour will kick off in Osaka on January 17, 2018.

Image: TPG/Click Photos