A woman recently filed a police report, accusing SHINee’s Onew of sexual harassment following their encounter at a Gangnam club.

The woman alleged that the leader of the K-pop group had touched her inappropriately on August 12. Onew, who was reportedly drunk, had touched her legs while he was seated on a chair, and she was on a platform.

According to a statement by SM Entertainment, Onew had been celebrating his debut as a DJ with his friends and had gotten drunk, and thus accidentally touched the woman inappropriately.

Based on an eye witness account, Onew was inebriated and had allegedly grabbed the woman’s legs for support while he was trying to sit. His friends had reportedly apologise for his mistake but after it happened twice, the woman decided to report Onew to the police.

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Although SM Entertainment said in the statement that the woman had acknowledged it was a mistake done in a drunken stupor, a police source said that although she had dropped charges because of SM’s request, she still opines that sexual harassment did take place.


The case will be passed to prosecution, with a recommendation of indictment without detention.

A few days ago, Onew had reportedly been called for questioning for five hours without detention.

The SHINee member, who has taken on acting projects in various dramas including Descendants of the Sun, will be acting in an upcoming drama, Age of Youth 2. Netizens have called for his departure from the show following the case.

Image: TPG/Click Photos