Four months ago, the leader of K-pop boy group SHINee was accused of sexual harassment at a club. He allegedly grabbed a woman’s leg several times when he was drunk, claiming that he had mistaken it for a table stand.

He has been lying low since then, skipping group activities, including the recent Shilla Beauty Concert in Singapore, but finally broke his silence last night with a written apology on the group’s official forum.


In the handwritten note that was uploaded, he expressed regret for disappointing his fans and said he was being cautious about the words he needed to use when writing the letter, which was why it came late.

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He also apologised to his parents and for causing inconvenience to his members and his agency.

His letter garnered mixed responses from netizens, some of whom were happy about the possibility of his return, and others who said that the letter came too late and pointed out that he failed to mention the victim or what he did in his apology letter.

A week ago, when fans found out that Onew was included in 2018 SM Artist Season Greetings, some fans threatened to boycott all SHINee-related goods as long as Onew was featured. However, SM Entertainment told the Korean media that the reason for his apology is not because of the upcoming release of Season Greetings. A rep said, “It contains his suffering up till now.”

Images: TPG/Click Photos, SHINee’s forum